31 August 2016

Denim Jacket Rocks

Blue Denim Jacket by America Eagle Outfitters / White Long Sleeve Blouse with Peter Pan Collar by MAJE / Lace Bra by Urban Outfitters / Black Mini Skirt by ZARA / Sneakers by Sandro X Superga

It's been awhile since I clean my closet. This passed few days, I have been going through my old clothes. Trying to decide, which one I have to keep, and which I have to sell and donate. It's hard for me to say goodbye to my old clothes. So it took me awhile to decide to move my ass and try to sell them to different places. Plus fashion always come and go...

It's hard, but if you don't use it anymore, why not right? There are lots of people who need clothes more than I do. I have enough clothes to wear for one person, which is true! =)

So, some people has asked me why I don't have the recent clothes to share? Well it is because I like to mix and match my new clothing with the old one. I usually buy new clothes, if I need them or I need to change my style, which usually I try to sell my old clothes first.


27 August 2016

"Make a quick stop and post my #ootd in a random parking lot"

Women Rayon Long Sleeve Blouse / Idole / Platform Gladiator Sandal

Before summer ends, I'm very happy to wear shorts everyday! San Francisco is always windy, you never know when it's cold or hot. Luckily during the photoshoot, it was a nice day! I'm happy that I can finally wear my Maje Idole shorts, with my Soludos Suede Tan Platform Gladiator Sandal. Can't wait for my next photoshoot. For more pictures, you guys can always check my instagram, which I always post =)

07 June 2016


Matching tops and bottoms never a NO! It can be a YES. What do you guys think? Since the weather is nice outside lately, I am pretty happy and excited to share and to have a great summer outfit. Casual and sporty look never been great without this incredible Sandro and Superga collaboration collection. It is a really nice combination between the two brands.


04 May 2016

Back to the 50's

Off the shoulder top has been around hella long. In the 90's my aunts love to wear off the shoulder tops and dresses. Not just the festival era, but now everything comes back! Never say no to incredible fashion!


As some of you may know through my Instagram, I had posted this picture around a week ago or so. I'm in love with my black simple T's from ALL or NIL. You guys should check out their instagram. It is so hyped, comfy, and nice to have a unique and artistic artwear.
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